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What we Offer

Disciplines available:
Sporting Clays | Skeet | Trap/DTL | ISSF Olympic Trap


Sporting Clays

Sporting clays is an exciting, relatively new shotgun game that is designed to mimic actual hunting conditions. It is thus both challenging and fun. It uses clay targets similar to those of trap and skeet, but the launching machine and course layout differ considerably in order to simulate, as closely as possible, actual field conditions of shooting game birds. The lure of the game lies in its realism.

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Trap Shooting

Trap is the most popular shotgun shooting sport, in trapshooting; you shoot clay targets thrown from a single trap machine that's situated in the "trap house" in front of the shooters. There are five positions on the trap field itself laid out in an arc behind the trap house. When a round of trap is shot, shooters are usually formed into squads of five shooters. Each shooter takes five shots from each of the five positions on the field (moving left to right), for a total of 25 targets.

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In shooting skeet, a squad of five shooters is placed on a semi-circular course with eight different shooting stations. Each shooter takes his/her turn at every station during the round. The targets are launched from two locations or “houses.” A “high house,” which is 10-feet above the ground is on one side of the course and a “low house,” that is no higher than three feet above the ground, is on the other side. Each shooter shoots a total of 25 targets.

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ISSF Olympic Trap

In the trap events, competitors move through a series of five adjacent shooting stations. At each station, one target is thrown from an underground bunker a minimum distance of 229 feet, 8 inches at speeds up to 65 miles per hour. Each competitor fires up to two shots per target. Each target weighs 3.7 ounces, measures 4.25 inches in diameter and is just under one inch thick. They are shot out of one of three trap machines at each station, and the competitor does not know what machine the target will come from or the horizontal angle or direction for the target. The target’s maximum angle from the center line of a bunker is 45 degrees to either side.

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